Monkey timetable

Autumn Term 2017

(13 Weeks)

Term Starts:

Monday 11th September

Half Term:

30th Oct - 3rd Nov

Term Ends:

Friday 15th December

Spring Term 2018

(11 Weeks)

Term starts:

Monday 8th January

Half Term:

19th - 23rd February

Term Ends

Friday 30th March

St Pierre, Chepstow NP166YA








2 & 3 year olds

Toddlers from 12 months

Babies from 3 months

Caerleon Town Hall, Church Street,Caerleon,Newport NP181AW








2 & 3 year olds

Toddlers from 12 months

Babies from 3 months

Shire Hall, Agincourt Square,Monmouth NP253DY


10.10 am






3 & 4 year olds

Toddlers from 12 months

Babies from 3 months


Welcome to my classes in

Newport and Monmouthshire

Zoe Edwards

speech bubbleEmail Zoe   phone01291 420856

My name is Zoe and I run Monkey Music classes for babies and toddlers in Newport and Monmouthshire. 

I first discovered Monkey Music whilst working as a nanny, I was so inspired by the classes that, after having my own children I wanted to introduce their amazing pre school music group to my local area. So here we are! Our classes help nurture children and babies, allowing them to explore and play with music, with the use of our own written curricula of catchy songs and the use of visual props and percussion instruments children learn, grow and develop.  

If you’re looking for the most popular children’s music activities in Newport, Chepstow, Monmouth and the surrounding areas then we’d love to hear from you.


Monkey Music.  The most popular classes for babies and toddlers in Newport and Monmouthshire. 

Our pre-school music classes are run by fully trained specialist and preschool teachers, all of which have a passion for singing, music and have a musical background.  Our progressive and educational four stage curricula is designed to nurture a lifetime of music.  Classes cater from as young as 3 months to four years,  gently encouraging social and musical skills in a stimulating and friendly environment.  Each class we teach lasts 30 minutes during which children will engage in a combination of activities. We are fortunate enough to have the resources which enhance our classes to give children and babies a musical experience like no other.  We follow our own curricula using original songs along with a few traditional ones that allow parents to enjoy with their child and family in class and at home.  During each session we not only explore music and song but use movement activities and visual props for everyone to enjoy.  Children also have the opportunities to experiment with percussion and musical instruments and explore learning of their own.

Our Monkey Music Story

Monkey Music’s curriculum and resources were created and inspired by Guildhall School of Music and Drama graduate Angie Coates, Monkey Music’s Founder and Managing Director.  Classes first opened at kindergartens and venues in London in 1993 and Monkey Music’s popularity led to the company being franchised in 1998.  As well as in Newport and Monmouthshire more than 50 children’s musical activity franchises of Monkey Music currently operate over 300 locations – from church halls to kindergartens and nurseries across the country.  With thousands of families attending classes up and down the country each week.

The Benefits of Music and your Child

Your child was born to love music! Babies ears are the first organ to develop fully in the womb, this allows them to take comfort from music, and their mothers voice. A baby is born with a highly sensitive ear and it is important to develop this in order to help them grow mentally, emotionally and physically.  Singing to your child from such a young age and exposing them to all different types of music helps open a range of educational experiences, as a child grows this leads to the development of language and numerical skills that flourish through action songs and rhymes, fine motor skills are refined through playing hand held percussion instruments and awareness of space is developed through movement, confidence also grows alongside self-esteem as their involvement within the class environment develops, all of these are encouraged through the stages of our curricula.



As well as running weekly classes we can provide a musical experience outside the classroom, with many families booking us as their chosen entertainment to celebrate their child’s birthday.  We can also provide a ‘one off’ event within the nursery setting.  By coming along to your nursery environment we can offer toddlers the opportunity to get involved in all sorts of musical activities.  During these specific events we provide an hour of Monkey Music fun including bubbles, dressing up boxes, parachute play, dancing, singing, use colourful, visual props and have fun with our percussion instruments.  There are also lots of resources for the children to experiment with and of course the award winning Monkey Music playing songs with a variety of instruments. We provide all the equipment and are DBS checked and fully insured. If it is a party you are booking we also provide pass the parcel and a Monkey Music gift for the birthday child.  Through holiday times we run workshops for all to enjoy.


Why Monkey Music?

As a Parent choosing the right activity and playgroup for you and your baby or toddler can often be a challenge, with so many children’s music activities, song groups, dance activities and a whole range of different music classes out there we know you are spoilt for choice.  Why us? We hope that the wonderful reputation Monkey Music has built up over 20 years will assure you that for your nursery age child or your baby there is simply no better choice.  We are often told by parents that our classes are a weekly highlight not just for the babies and children but for the parent, grandparent and carers too! They often find themselves singing our catchy songs around the home and on those long journeys! We are privileged to hold excellent resources, great songs and a tried and tested curriculum so hope you find that our preschool classes are by far the winning formula.

The Next Step

To simply find out more about our award winning preschool music groups and to book a complimentary trial at a venue near you then please get in touch, we’d be delighted to hear from you and introduce you to our team of teachers and to other local mums, dads, babies and toddlers in the Newport, Chepstow and Monmouth area.  We very much look forward to meeting you and your family soon.


Local Monkey Chatter

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