Monkey says: ''Welcome to my music classes!''

At Monkey Music, we know that music is fundamental to a pre-school aged child's development. Our progressive and educational four stage curricula are designed to nurture a lifetime of music: from rock 'n' roll to ding-dong, classes are a 'good fit' for each separate age group. By the time our little monkeys 'graduate', they have a sound base from which to build a musical future.... have a look!

Monkey Chatter

Posted 07/07/2014

Teacher talent on display

Teacher talent on display At Monkey Music we are very proud of our immensley talented team of teachers who are all passionate about the value of music for very young children.  So much so, that on a Sunday, they regularly come together from all around the country, to work on how to produce the very best classes for their young pupils.If you would like to see more pictures of our teacher training day yesterday then please see our album on our Facebook page ...

Posted 11/06/2014

Enjoy your party with Monkey

Enjoy your party with Monkey Monkey is very excited to announce that his party season has finally begun.  Across the country, Monkey will be celebrating 21 years of Monkey Music with his little Monkey friends.  Special party classes are running at all Monkey Music venues and Monkey families are being entered into a national free prize draw with a chance to win 80 fabulous prizes!  A reminder to give your free prize draw Birthday Card to Monkey at your party class.During his 21st year Monkey is on a mission to...

Posted 13/05/2014

Over 1,000 birthday parties for Monkeys 21st

Over 1,000 birthday parties for Monkeys 21st The countdown is now on for Monkey's official birthday in June.  Over 11,000 families will attend over 1,000 parties right across the country!  Make sure you are invited with a chance to win a prize in Monkey's special 21st birthday free Prize Draw!  There are nearly 80 fabulous prizes, all donated by 21 of Monkey's very best friends who include JoJo Maman Bebe, Smith & Family and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra!If you are a member of the Little Monkey Club you could win a pr...
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Monkey is very chuffed with this very special 21st birthday present from famous children's author, Julia Donaldson!

Julia will often write a new story with a tune in her mind and she has sent Monkey a rare and wonderful performance of 'Animal Music' to share. Turn the pages of your 'Animal Music' book and sing and play along with Julia and her family!

“Happy 21st Birthday Monkey.” Julia Donaldson

Wave and sing with Monkey as he warms up for his birthday season!

"Hello, Hello everyone!
It's time to have some fun!
But first I'm going to wave 'Hello'
Because I want to
Meet you, meet you
Yes everybody wave 'Hello'
Because I want to meet you!"

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