Monkey says: "It's all rhythm and no blues!"

Families who attend our classes will often book their favourite teacher as birthday party entertainment. They also book early for seasonal holiday workshops which cater for mixed-age groups. Local nursery schools offer Monkey Music to their little Monkeys as part of their curriculum.


“We booked a Monkey Music party for Daisy’s first birthday. I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, Daisy or Grandma. It was a huge success with everyone.”

Monkey loves to party! Especially with other little monkey friends who join him singing, dancing, and playing musical party games.

Monkey’s parties are great fun for children and babies of all ages. Each party is individually tailored to suit each separate occasion and always includes the birthday child’s favourite Monkey Music songs.

Your Monkey Music teacher will make sure that everyone has a really special day to remember. Monkey Parties work really well for a mixed age group of children.

Click here to find your local Monkey Music contact to send a party enquiry email. Don't forget to log on if you are a Monkey Club member.


“Our Baby Room and Toddler Room both love Monkey Music time.”

Monkey Music is a four-stage progressive music curriculum that links closely with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. Over 300 songs and musical activities enhance all aspects of early learning and development.

As your music teacher, a trained Monkey Music teacher will visit your school with their full kit of percussion instruments, props and written lesson plans which are tailored to your own requirements. These requirements may relate to your setting, the different ages of your children, your staff availability and your own curriculum focus. In addition, you may have other more specific requirements like those relating to special events, which may require musical provision.

Click here to find your local Monkey Music contact to send an email about Monkey Music sessions in nurseries.

Holiday Workshops

“My six year old twin daughters still go to Monkey Music. They go to holiday workshops and love remembering what life used to be like before they started school!”

Monkey Music holiday workshops are a popular way to keep children entertained during the holidays. Unlike our regular classes where children are strictly grouped according to age, the holiday workshops cater for a mixed age group of children. Older siblings love joining in the fun and we welcome your friends and visitors who may be passing through your way. They do get booked up very early on, since they are on a first-come first-served basis, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Click here to find your local Monkey Music contact to send a holiday workshop email.

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