Monkey says: "Come shopping with me!"

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All Ages. Book + CD "Let's Sing and Play"


Music is a fundamental part of pre-school childrens development, helping them to enjoy socialising, learning and playing.  Based on our award-winning Monkey Music classes and featuring the much-loved illustrations of Emily Bolam, this series encourages children to begin their own lifetime love of music and boosts their educational and emotional growth.  Written by Monkey Music founder, Angie Coates, with music and songs taken from our classes composed by Fiona Pritchard, all especially arranged and recorded for this book. 

The CD includes 22 sing-along songs that can be enjoyed on their own on the go or alongside the book which also offers tips for getting the most out of each song.  Suitable for all Monkey Music families, CD includes 'Where Is Monkey Hiding?', 'Here Is A Colour', 'He's A Funky Kind Of Monkey' and 'Monkey Music Is Fun For You And Me'.

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