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Hello! I'm Ali and I'm delighted to bring Monkey Music to Frome, Sherborne and Weymouth! As an experienced Early Years Teacher and mum to a lovely and lively 3-year-old, I know first-hand how music benefits early development. I can't wait to help you and your little one discover the power of music for yourselves at Monkey Music!


I first found Monkey Music when my daughter was 8 months old and we were living in Surrey. Eagerly searching for baby and toddler activities, I booked a complimentary class with a group of NCT friends and we were fans from day one! Our amazing teacher made every Friday morning a delight and we were made to feel so welcome. Our regular weekly class also became an opportunity to catch up with friends - and make new ones. It was great to get out and meet new people and also to watch our babies' little friendships grow too.

Our little one went on to attend regular classes with her daddy and it was the highlight of their week. Despite declaring himself the least musical member of our family, he found himself singing along and enjoying each class just as much as our own little monkey. The precious time they spent together really did help their lovely bond to blossom and he would excitedly tell me about the first time she clapped along with the beat, had the confidence to try something new and even wait her turn! Meanwhile, I would be treated to our little girl singing her Monkey Music songs in the bath, the car and everywhere in between.

Having been surrounded by music my whole life, and learning piano and violin myself as a child, I was thrilled to see the enjoyment our daughter experienced by being immersed in music and her love for it at such a young age. She truly flourished through the progressive curriculum and I was amazed by how quickly I could see her develop, especially in her communication and language skills. Coming from a teaching background myself, I had already seen how music not only inspires and excites children but also how it greatly enhances their learning, and it was easy to see such fantastic educational quality amongst the fun.

Looking for a change in lifestyle and more time for us as a family, we decided to relocate to the border of Somerset and Dorset. One of my first tasks was to look into pre-school activities - and most importantly to find a Monkey Music class - but there wasn’t one for miles around. I couldn't find an alternative that matched Monkey Music in terms of quality and structure and which took into account her stage of development along the way. By then, I had been teaching for almost fifteen years and was ready for a new adventure. I loved working with children and their families, and was passionate about child development and Early Years education, but I felt it was the time to move away from a school setting. This was it! I decided I had to bring Monkey Music with us!

As parents, we know how instinctively our babies respond to music. After all, singing is often one of the first things we do to soothe, calm and play with them. Research shows that music enormously benefits their brain, providing experiences that help establish billions of neural connections and strengthen cognitive and sensory development. Studies show that babies who engage in music making and moving to music smile more, use more communicative gestures and are more confident to explore the world around them than babies whose experience is to listen more passively to music. Moving to music with our babies also triggers the release of oxytocin, the hormone that helps us bond with them. Further research has shown that playing with patterns in music helps to set firm foundations for early maths and reading skills. The overall benefits to their development are enormous! 

Monkey Music has evolved with child development at its core. With age-specific classes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers, and an innovative curriculum that has been fine-tuned over the last 25 years, Monkey Music’s award-winning classes are tailor-made to support your child at each stage of their early development.

In each class, through magical songs, sensory props and interesting and unusual sounds, little ones receive a whole host of captivating visual and auditory stimulation. They learn to use their own instruments to make sounds and move their bodies to the music, developing co-ordination and fine motor skills, whilst carers can be reassured that instruments are designed especially for little ones and are cleaned before use to ensure they are safe in tiny hands!

Babies begin Rock 'n' Roll from 3 months in a gentle class with plenty of emphasis on using music as a lovely bonding exercise for carer and child, whilst providing social, interactive and musical learning experiences for you both.

At around 12 months our toddlers are ready for Heigh-Ho! In this exciting, up-beat class, they learn to play their instruments with greater autonomy and join in with the music by watching and responding to instructions and through their own wonderful creativity.

By 2 years, our little ones are more independent and want to play for themselves! In Jiggety-Jig we harness their sense of rhythm as they learn to play in time with the music and grow the confidence to contribute their own ideas and compositions. They learn to concentrate a little more and develop skills of sharing and turn-taking that they will take to Pre-School.

Ding-Dong, our final stage for 3-4 year olds, introduces our very grown-up pre-schoolers to the wonderful world of the orchestra! We learn how to read and write music using graphic and traditional notation and the children play their compositions to each other.

I’m so excited to be offering classes in Frome, Sherborne and Weymouth and it would be fantastic to see you there! Why not book your complimentary class and join in the fun!


Growing up in tune with Monkey Music!

Monkey Music near you




The Scout Hut, Blackberry Lane, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 4DE

Rock'n'Roll From 3 months
Heigh-Ho From 12 months
Jiggety-Jig 2 + 3 year olds
Book a class at The Scout Hut



RISE (formerly the HUBnub Centre), Whittox Lane, Frome, Somerset, BA11 3BY

Heigh-Ho From 12 months
Jiggety-Jig 2 + 3 year olds
Rock'n'Roll From 3 months
Book a class at RISE (formerly the HUBnub Centre)


Weymouth Bay Methodist Church, 32 Melcombe Avenue, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 7TH

Rock'n'Roll From 3 months
Heigh-Ho From 12 months
Jiggety-Jig 2 + 3 year olds
Book a class at Weymouth Bay Methodist Church

Monkey Term Dates

Autumn Term 2019

Term Starts:
Monday 2nd September
Half Term:
Monday 28th October - Friday 1st November
Term Ends:
Friday 20th December

Spring Term 2020

Term Starts:
Monday 6th January
Half Term:
Monday 17th February - Friday 21st February
Term Ends:
Friday 3rd April

"Really, REALLY recommend this class. I absolutely love it, definitely my favourite and my boy has the time of his life"

Monkey Music mummy

"Ali from Monkey Music came to do a session at our preschool and had children aged 2-mesmerised! There was singing, dancing, musical instruments and parachute games, we would highly recommend her sessions!"

Pre-School Manager

"My 4 month old daughter loves this class she’s always so happy to be singing along. We’ve bought the CDs for home and will be signing up for the next term in September!"

Monkey Music mummy

"Edward and Eleanor both love Monkey music. Alison is amazing. The music really helps them get a sense of rhythm and I can see how it could help language development"

Monkey Music mummy

Celebrate with Monkey and Mo!

Monkey Music parties are great fun for babies and children of all ages. Parties are tailored to suit every occasion and always include the birthday child’s favourite Monkey Music songs!

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Holiday fun for all!

Monkey Music holiday workshops are a popular way to keep children entertained during the holidays. Unlike our regular classes where children are strictly grouped according to age, the holiday workshops cater for a mixed age group of children.

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Monkey Music
has come to town!

Come along to our FREE open days and events and find out what happens at Monkey Music! Since they began, in 1993, over 4.8 million classes have entertained hundreds of thousands of families across the UK!

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The Monkey Team


I'm lucky to be teaching all our classes at the moment, but watch this space as more locations, venues and classes are added and the team grows!

If you are interested in joining the Monkey Music Sherborne and Dorchester team, please do get in touch!

What do the classes involve? Monkey Music is an interactive award winning musical curriculum. Classes are small and tailor-made for babies and young children who are grouped according to their age. Each child is accompanied by their carer. Little monkeys sing, dance and play musical instruments. Big monkeys join in the fun too!
Can babies relate to music at such a young age? The ear is the first organ to develop fully in the womb. From five months, an unborn baby can hear the world around them. Early exposure to music encourages babies to develop their musical ear which supports all aspects of early learning and development. Just as language skills are developed early in life, so is musical talent. Regardless of the level of music aptitude with which children are born, they must have formal and informal experiences in music to maintain that level of potential.
Are the classes different for each age group? Yes. Our curriculum is structured and progressive. Rock’n'Roll: from 3 months Heigh-Ho: from 12 months Jiggety-Jig: 2 + 3 year olds Ding-Dong: 3 + 4 year olds
Are all the teachers musically trained? All Monkey music teachers are specifically trained on delivering the Monkey Music curriculum. Many of them are professional musicians and teachers.
How long is a class? Half an hour. Each 30 minute class is a significant step in our progressive curricula. Classes are carefully planned to maximise the attention span of a very young child so that they learn from sharing a rewarding, enjoyable and worthwhile experience.
At what age can my child start Monkey Music? From 3 months old.
Can I try a class before I sign up to a course? Yes. You and your child are invited along for a free complimentary class when making an initial booking enquiry.
How much does a class cost? Please ask at your local Monkey Music Office.
Do I have to pay a term in advance? Yes. After your first complimentary class you reserve your place and are invoiced pro rata for the remaining classes in the term. Families who attend our classes will often bond with their teacher and other members of their group. In order to reserve places so that everyone can be together we facilitate a termly booking system. This also encourages our families to attend regularly so that everyone learns new skills at the same pace.
How many children are in a class? Maximum 15
Do classes just run during term time? Regular classes run during term time. Many areas also run seasonal Holiday Workshops during school holidays.
What happens at a Monkey Music Birthday Party? See More Fun on the main website.
How do I become a Monkey Music franchisee? For more details, please click here
Where can I buy Monkey Music merchandise? Please click here.
Why pay a membership fee? When enrolling in Monkey Music for the first time, a child becomes a member of the Little Monkey Club. New members receive a Welcome Pack, including a Monkey Music T-shirt and beautiful sticker pack as well as access to our online club which supports the child in their learning experience at Monkey Music. The membership fee is payable when registering each child in regular weekly classes at Monkey Music and we offer a discount to siblings who join at any stage. Siblings receive their own welcome pack and T-shirt to wear to class. Ask your local classes for more details.
Is it OK for me to take photos or video in class? No, we politely request that you refrain from taking photos or videos at class.
Can I opt out of the membership fee? No, our online club is designed to support the learning experience of children at our regular classes.
Can I bring a sibling? Yes! We offer discounts for siblings, ask your local classes for more details.
Do I have to sing along? We love it when our customers join in and your children benefit from hearing the sound of a familiar voice, no matter how good or bad!
Do I have to be musical? No! Our teachers will make you feel welcome whatever your musical ability.
Why don’t you offer drop-in classes? We value musical education as a fundamental part of early development, and as such our regular weekly classes are progressive to maximise the learning potential of each child.
Can I bring my newborn too? Yes! Newborn babies are welcome in our classes, please speak to your local classes for more information.
What do I need to bring with me? Everything you need to enjoy our classes is provided by the teacher.
What if I can’t make my usual class? You are welcome to catch up with any classes that you miss. Speak to your local classes to book a catch up class.
What makes Monkey Music classes so special? Monkey Music classes are considered a leading light in pre-school education. Come along for a free class to see for yourself what make Monkey Music classes the highlight of the week for so many families across the UK!
Why is Monkey Music more expensive than the other music groups around? Monkey Music has been established for over 25 years and is proud to have a rich musical heritage. We offer a unique and progressive learning experience for your child, which is supported by over 500 original songs and musical activities. Our talented teachers are carefully chosen and trained to offer the highest standard of pre-school music education.
Why are Monkey Music classes 30 minutes long? Our classes have been honed and developed over 25 years and are designed to fully captivate babies and young children for the duration. The very interactive nature of every class means that our little monkeys need to rest again after 30 minutes of magical music making!
What do you expect of the children, do they have to sit down the whole time? Each class is carefully structured and formatted so that every child and carer is encouraged to join in with the fun. Classes are paced according to each age group with the opportunity for little ones to be up on their feet during ‘Time to Move’ and sitting with their carers during ‘Time to Play’ and ‘Time to Sleep’. Most children quickly learn what is happening next and Monkey helps them with friendly encouragement!
Do you offer ‘mixed age’ classes? Because of the progressive nature of our curricula which is age specific, we do not offer regular weekly mixed classes. However, during the holidays, many of our teachers offer mixed age holiday workshops.

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