Monkey Chatter

Monkey Music classes for babies, toddlers and small children have been a huge hit with local families in Chelsea, Belgravia, Pimlico and Gloucester Road for the last 18 years and we love watching the progression of little ones sharing precious time in class. Our term starts on Monday 13th January and if you haven't tried one of our classes yet we'd love to invite you along to join us with your little one. Your first class is FREE and there's lots of venues and times to suit your routine. You can view all our venues, class times and book your FREE class

If you need to speak to us you can call on 0208 767 9827 or email us direct at [email protected], we'd be delighted to help you choose the right class for your little one.

If you’re thinking of starting a music class activity with your baby, toddler or small child, we'd love to show you what we do!

Little ones are divided into age specific classes from 3 months to 4 yrs old, supporting each stage of learning and development as a little musician. By the time your little ones reaches 4 yrs old they will have learnt to read music and have specific experience both visually and aurally of every orchestral instrument. It's a great grounding for going on to learn an instrument at school!

Beautifully presented classes  guarantee lots of weekly fun and giggles as the children (and adults!) are mesmerized by a wonderful selection of beautiful puppets and props that draw gasps of delight from everyone!

Weekly, term time classes are structured, beautifully presented and action packed with gorgeous puppets, hand crafted props, specialist percussion, dance and movement, magical bubbles and lots more! Expect lots of fun and giggles too!