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Magic sounds from Monkey Music!

We’re so excited – our two new instruments have arrived to join the Monkey Music band! Our Monkey Music Maracas & Tambourine have been designed specifically for babies and toddlers.  Made of wood with hand-made colourful designs, they are beautifully balanced and the perfect size for small hands. Of course, having been developed by musicians they sound great too!
Available individually, or discounted in a Monkey Music Band bundle with a FREE jute carry bag, you may bring them along to your Monkey Music class for your baby or toddler to use if you would like to!

What instruments are in the Monkey Music Band?

Monkey Music Rainmaker: tip it, turn it, shake it, rattle it or roll it. Great for all ages. Younger children will enjoy rolling it. As they start to track sounds, babies will love watching the beads fall and try to grab the rain sound with both hands. As their hands get bigger and their arms get stronger, they can hold it with one hand to play along with the music! Available gift wrapped as a single item, or as part of the band.
Cost: £10.99 |  Buy now
Monkey Music Maracas: hold the handles or the egg and shake to get different sounds…once you’ve started you won’t be able to stop! How many different ways can you play? Beautiful wooden hand-made colourful design. Suitable for babies from 10mths. Available gift wrapped as a pair or as part of the band.
Cost: £12.99 |  Buy now
Monkey Music Tambourine (+ beater): the ultimate sensory toy! Hold it with one hand or both, tap, pat or scratch the skin for different sensations and sounds. Tap the edge and shake or flick the jingles… Use the beater or just your hand or hip, there’s so much you can do!
Cost: £10.99|  Buy now

Monkey Music Band Bundle
The Monkey Music instruments are available to buy individually or as a discounted Band bundle packaged in a lovely FREE jute carry bag.  For a limited period, there is also a special FREE song download included in the bundle. A special present for friends’ children or something your own little one will treasure for years to come and that you’ll want to keep. With the Monkey Music band and FREE jute carry bag, it is easy to take your own instruments along to your class should you choose to do so!
Cost: £27.99 |  Buy now

Don’t forget - If you are a member of our Monkey Music Club you will be able to claim a 10% discount  on all Monkey Music goodies and song downloads.  Simply click on the Monkey Music Member button when prompted at the shop and login to your Parent Account and your discount will automatically be applied.

If you want to know more about the efforts that went into developing these instruments and why we decided we needed to make them read here