Monkey Chatter

It warmed my heart to receive the loveliest of emails recently from one of our Monkey Music Mums. I myself have 3 children who have attended Monkey Music classes, and each time one of them was unable to attend due to starting nursery or school, they were always incredibly envious of their younger sibling who was able to attend classes. In fact they still love Monkey Music and all of the songs!  I came into Monkey Music with it holding a special place in my heart, so it is incredibly rewarding when customers have a similar experience to me and I see their younger siblings attending classes.

I will let the email speak for itself, this was sent to both me and my neighbouring franchisee:


Dear Flick and Nicola,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you both for all you do at Monkey Music. My eldest, Thomas, loved Monkey Music with Flick in Jericho up until he started school. One of the first things Thomas (now 6) said when we told him that he was going to be a big brother was "Can you take the new baby to Monkey Music so that he can have as much fun as I did?". When baby Isaac was born in April, I was afraid he'd have to miss out given all restrictions in place, but was thrilled to find that not only were classes able to run from September, but that they are now available on my doorstep in Kidlington with Nicola. And, as Nicola knows, Isaac is transfixed every week (and Mummy has rather a lot of fun too!!), and, oh my goodness, how glad we are to be able to continue through Lockdown #2- it's the highlight of our week! And now Isaac can make his own happy Monkey Music memories. 

Thanks for all your hard work!