Monkey Chatter

A bitter sweet final 2 weeks of classes. I have had to say a sad farewell to a group of my Ding Dong children who have been coming to class since they were tiny babies and now are starting their new journey at school in September. They will be missed so much and have brightened up my classes with their enthusiasm, and wowed us all with the skills they have learned over the years. They are all accomplished readers of musical notation, understand and use dynamics, tempo. They are also able to listen and identify the instruments of the orchestra and which family they belong to.They are all ready to continue their musical journey at school. But they will also be a huge asset to which ever school they attend, they have amazing listening, concentration and problem solving skills already. I am so proud of them all, but will miss their smilie faces and their cheeky humour at class. Best wishes to all, with a few tears shed.