Monkey Chatter

A special bond!

From a very early age, the combination of acting out songs while singing along improves both comprehension and coordination. While singing the same songs can feel tedious to us, babies and toddlers find it hugely entertaining, rewarding and reassuring as their mastery of words, tunes and actions improves each time. 


Music also provides a fantastic bridge between siblings of different ages. The older ones can teach the younger one's songs and they can sing and dance together. This provides a bond they can share growing up and continuning into adulthood. 


Karen Ross, principal at Monkey Music Kingston, Surbiton and Thames Ditton was recently putting an A-Board up outside her Thames Ditton venue when a man walking past with his dog stopped to acknowledge the sign. "Oh, Monkey Music!" He said. "My son used to love Monkey Music - in fact, his teacher was called Nick and since then, every single Monkey we see, and that's our whole family, we call them Nicks!" 


When Karen asked the man how old his son was, he replied, "He's fifteen." We think that's pretty amazing!