Monkey Chatter

What a day we had today!  When my doorbell rang at 7.30am this morning, I scurried out of the house with Monkey and Mo in my bag and clutching my coffee to find Mary waiting in her car and off we went on our Road Trip to Head Office.  Every few months, Monkey Music offer teachers the chance to attend training sessions in Harpenden.  Monkey Music have classes all over the UK and there are absolutely hundreds of brilliant and committed teachers singing, dancing and being fabulous every day.  It's so amazing to get everyone together to share ideas and talk.  Oh! how we talk......after biscuits and coffee (more coffee), our founder, Angie talked to us about the Monkey Music ethos and some exciting news (watch this space for information about new instruments and merchandise coming your way!) before we broke off into groups to share how we deliver the songs, rhymes and activities in our classes.  You wouldn't believe how many ways there are to shake a maracca :-)  Monkey Music teachers come from the most fascinating and diverse backgrounds.  There are ex-ballet dancers, teachers, singers, professional musicians, musical theatre performers and so many more.  Everyone has a story to tell and each and every one of us absolutely loves what we do.  Mary and I are really looking forward to getting back into class with fresh ideas and some fabulous new rainmakers.  Keep an eye out too for our Selfie Frame which I tried out with can take your own photos and post on our instagram and facebook pages!  See you very soon.  Karen x