Monkey Chatter

Welcome to the Monkey Music family!

We are thrilled to welcome our newest member of the Monkey Music family, Faye Davoren, who is launching Monkey Music classes for babies and toddlers, in Ealing and Acton from Monday 14th September.  

As a musician and mother of two boys, Faye is devoted to delivering a magical, musical adventure for your little ones to thrive in. 

Music is Faye's passion and she has enjoyed playing and listening to music from a young age. Classically trained in the piano, violin and voice, her appetite for performing flourished during her early years. Faye continued to study music throughout her education, including her degree, when she began a long career as a DJ in clubs across Central and West London and also started performing in various cover bands. Following further education in law and a long career in global construction, Faye is delighted to be able to bring Monkey Music to Ealing and Acton. 

Faye attended Monkey Music with both her children, who love the classes. She enjoys singing with them and teaching them how to play various instruments. Faye's teaching style perfectly blends her personality with the entertaining and educational foundations of Monkey Music.  

Book online today - your first class is FREE and Faye can't wait to meet her local Monkey Music families in the Ealing and Acton area!