Monkey Music Health and Safety Plan whilst restrictions are in place due to COVID-19

We are a business that operates across England, Scotland and Wales and so there may be variances around some aspects of class delivery to accommodate any local restrictions in your area. We suggest that you contact your local franchisee for more details if you would like to.

Please see below for a summary of our specific health and safety information in regards to Monkey Music classes whilst COVID-19 infection Control is in place. 

Monkey Music Teachers will adhere to routine practices around health, hygiene and safety as per current Government and NHS guidelines. All teachers have attended a Covid-19 risk assessment briefing. 

A full copy of our Health and Safety Policy is available upon request. 

Before each class we will be;
•    Working closely with individual venues to ensure best practice around health and safety

•    Displaying easy to read family-friendly notices to draw attention to essential health and hygiene practices and social distancing requirements.

•    Limiting customer bookings into each class and restricting non-essential visitors (please speak to your teacher/franchise owner if you would like to bring additional family members or visitors along to class as it may not be possible)

•    Allowing a longer change-over between each class for cleaning purposes which includes cleaning common hard surface touch-points

•    Asking customers to stay at home if they are showing symptoms of COVID-19 and inviting them to take advantage of their online replacement class

•    Reminding customers to travel-light to class and to keep their personal belongings apart from others

•    Updating customers with any new government and venue requirements around the wearing of appropriate face coverings before, during and after class. 

•    All adults accompanying children to class, must wear a face covering when entering the venue and keep their face covering on until they are seated at their mat. These guidelines are under continual review. *Customers exempt from wearing a face covering will not be required to wear a face covering at Monkey Music.

•    Inviting customers who attend class to borrow our instruments/props which will have been sanitised for personal use for each customer.  These instruments/props will be for single-use only and there will be no sharing of instruments or props during class. Customers may prefer to bring along their own Monkey Music approved instruments purchased from the Monkey Music online shop.

•    Inviting customers to bring along their own small blankets for personal use

•    Reminding customers not to share any of the above instruments/props or their personal items 

•    Informing customers attending class, that their contact details may be made available to the NHS Test and Trace central database if required by law.

During each class we will be; 
•    Adapting elements of our lesson plans to adhere to comfortable social distancing. This includes marking out areas where customers and teachers sit on their own mats. 

•    Inviting individual customers to use freshly sanitised Monkey Music instruments/props which will be made available for their personal use only on a single-use basis. Parents who choose to use our instruments/props may also choose to clean their instruments with a disposable anti-bacterial wipe. Alternatively, customers may use their own set of Monkey Music approved instruments which they may purchase from the Monkey Music online shop.

•    All used instruments/props are collected by the teacher at the end of each class to be put in a designated marked box which is lined with a bin liner and sealed with a lid. This ensures that these instruments/props and boxes are clearly earmarked for cleaning whilst being stored in a safe place. 

•    Working in line with Government guidelines in regards to how teachers and customers are asked to wear face coverings.  

•    Asking customers not to eat or drink in class unless absolutely necessary.

•    Reminding customers of the availability of hand sanitiser, tissues and bins. 

•    Keeping the windows and doors open where possible.

After teaching sessions we will be;

•    Ensuring that information /guidelines are reviewed and updated regularly and communicated to customers 

•    Cleaning instruments/props/boxes/classroom/teaching area (and venue where appropriate), using sanitising products stored in a box with a lid out of reach of children. 

Cleaning instruments/props and boxes 

Cleaning and sanitising products will be used to ensure a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness (other cleaning and disinfecting items may be used depending on availability and venue requirements). 

Illness of carer, child or teacher 

Anyone who is unwell or has a temperature must stay at home.  All Monkey Music teachers are required to take regular Lateral Flow Tests.

If classes cannot run because a teacher is unable to teach because of illness, a make-up class will be made available online or, scheduled for the end of term (subject to availability).

If a customer misses a class a catch-up class will be available via a digital platform.

The above information will be reviewed and updated as and when Government guidelines become available.