Monkey says: "Music really is the food of love!"

Our classes are rich, nourishing and great fun! When carers write to us, they will often say how “their best friends have come from their days at Monkey Music” … Read more about how Monkey Music began and why we believe that music can help your child reach their full potential.

What we do

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WINNER of Best National Pre-Schooler Development Activity 2010 as voted by parents across the UK

  • The content of our classes has been developed and tested over time.
  • Our carers value our progressive curricula.
  • We have age specific classes that are a ‘good fit’.
  • Our children learn and thrive with friends of a similar age.
  • Everyone Is encouraged to reach their full potential in well-managed class sizes.
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WINNER of Best Toddler Development Class 2008 as voted by parents across the UK

  • All Monkey Music teachers are trained according to our own training programme.
  • Our teachers are chosen for their natural empathy with young children and their evident musical talent.
  • Several teachers have been nominees and finalists in national awards which recognise the very best children’s activity leaders in the UK.
  • All teachers are DBS checked.
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FINALIST in the prestigious British Franchise Association Franchisor Of The Year Awards 2010

  • Our classes are highly interactive and our children learn to make music on the finest percussion instruments – not toys!
  • We work with a team of professional musicians, composers and teachers to ensure that every class experience is rewarding for both our carers and their child.

Angie Coates, the founder of Monkey Music, explains some of the reasons why young children benefit from music and music classes…

The ear is the first organ to develop fully in the womb and at 5 months an unborn baby will be able to hear the world around him.

Unborn babies take great comfort in their mother’s voice (yes, and dad’s too) and they will remember music and songs, that they have heard in the womb for up to 12 months after they have been born.

A growing baby will thrive on ‘happy vibes’ and you can pass on those nourishing vibes as you listen to music and songs that you enjoy. Unborn babies hear lower sounds better than high pitched sounds so you may consider playing music with a lower frequency, although the most important thing is that you are enjoying it – either by relaxing quietly or by singing like a diva. There is no real need to strap yourself up with the headphones on your tummy – your baby will hear the music anyway and you might just startle him.

From very early on at Monkey Music, our babies are developing their musical ear. Through singing simple action songs they learn to de-code language, interact with each other and expand on their numerical skills. 
As toddlers our young monkeys love dancing and find their new friends endlessly fascinating. They adore marching around the room in time to the music as they learn to listen to what the music is asking them to do.

Further physical skills are developed by playing small percussion instruments in the Monkey Music Band. Our fledgling band members learn to take turns and to watch their teacher conduct – great practise for 'sitting comfortably' before starting school!

There are many major milestones at Monkey Music – each one puts in place a stepping stone which encourages your child to reach their full potential.

Come and join in the fun!

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For babies from 3 months

Pave the way for your child’s future emotional and intellectual development with:

  • a stimulating musical environment
  • gentle songs and fascinating sounds
  • absorbing activities and precious shared moments
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For toddlers from 12 months

The Monkey Music Band is toddlers’ favourite place to be:

  • they are up on their feet exploring their own space
  • they learn to respond to the music that they hear
  • they benefit from lots of interaction with themed classes and colourful props
jiggety jig

For 2 and 3 year olds

These little monkeys develop a strong sense of rhythm through:

  • dancing and singing in their group
  • composing their own music
  • playing percussion instruments
ding dong

For 3 and 4 year olds

With their ears 'finely tuned' our wisest monkeys also use their eyes:

  • to recognise written music
  • to understand musical patterns
  • to learn more about instruments of the orchestra

What they say...

"We are both passionate about music and believe in it's power to make a positive difference to children's lives"

Nordoff Robbins spokesperson

Monkey Music is proud to support Nordoff Robbins, a national music charity dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable children and adults across the UK. To find out more about Nordoff Robbins, please watch this short video or go to 

Nordoff Robbins uses music therapy and other music services to help vulnerable children and adults with a range of challenges such as autism, dementia, mental health problems, stroke, brain injury, depression and life-threatening or terminal illnesses, such as cancer. All of the people helped by Nordoff Robbins have one uniting factor - music dramatically improves their quality of life.
Angie Coates, Founder of Monkey Music said: "At Monkey Music we believe in nurturing a lifetime of music. We are excited to be working with Nordoff Robbins to help extend the power of music to all those who need it."


“My 15 month old son loves Monkey Music! We had to book a party for his first birthday” Tennis Coach


“I’m a little bit in love with Monkey” Celebrity tweet


“All my children have been to Monkey Music. I’m convinced that is why they all love music and singing at school" Mum of 7


“When you don’t see me on the television I’m at Monkey Music” TV Presenter 









How it all began

The first Monkey Music classes were opened in London in 1993 by Angie Coates. As a musician and teacher, Angie knew that early exposure to music would be beneficial for her first newborn baby.  Finding a lack of music classes to attend in her local area, Angie decided to write a musical curriculum that stimulated early learning and development. Her own daughter and local friends were the first class guinea pigs and Monkey Music was born.

The rapid growth of Monkey Music led to the company being franchised in 1998. Now something of a cult hit in many areas of the country, there are around 11,500 families attending classes in over 300 venues every week.

Since those early days of of Monkey Music, there has been lots of research which proves the value of an early musical education and Monkey Music is now recognised as a ‘leading light’ in pre-school music education.

the monkey music founders
About our founder read more ...

Angie Coates, Founder and Manging Director   

When a new baby arrives, your world is never the same again.  Suddenly there’s another voice to be reckoned with.  Not the screaming one in the cot beside you that keeps you awake at night, but the niggling voice that buzzes around inside your head repeatedly asking ‘what is best for my baby?’

Finding the answers to this eternal question can be a daunting process.  There’s a plethora of conflicting advice and opinion on how to rear happy children and picking your way through it can cause more sleepless nights than colic, teething and soggy nappies combined!

My own answer was music.  As a trained classical musician and having taught music to very young children I was aware, long before becoming a mum, of the importance of introducing babies to music as soon as possible.

All children are born with an innate musicality and only if this is encouraged early enough will a child fulfil their natural musical potential.  But the benefits of music for very young children go much deeper than this. Lots of research now proves that early exposure to singing, listening to and playing music can lay a firm foundation to support all aspects of learning and development.

That's why I developed Monkey Music.twenty three years ago, I wanted to create a class for my first baby which would introduce her to the nurturing power of music in a lively environment.  The spin-off benefits for my daughter and that first group of little monkeys were immediately obvious.  Language and numerical skills flourished through action songs and rhymes;  fine motor skills were refined through playing percussion instruments, while an awareness of space and one another was developed through movement.  The children's confidence and self esteem grew rapidly as their involvement in the classes increased.

I am now lucky to have five children who have all been through Monkey Music.  Each of them has been responsible for different aspects of how the Monkey Music experience has developed.  As they have grown up I have seen the positive influence of music on their lives daily.  Now aged between 10 and 23, my children express their interest in music in a way that seems to communicate how they are feeling.  In addition, they seem to use music as a vehicle in which they learn more about the world we live in.  Music gives them the confidence to make new friends, encourages them to be disciplined and invites them to reap the rewards of attaining high standards and new levels of enjoyment when regularly practising a new skill.

By 1998, just five years after those first classes began, the demand for Monkey Music had grown at such a rate that the natural progression was to franchise the company.  By this time I was fortunate to have built up a team of highly motivated and talented teachers who were the very first group of franchisees.  Today our ever growing team of franchisees are the inspirational backbone of the company.  They run hundreds of classes and Monkey Music events for thousands of families across the UK every week!

For many parents music goes a long way to answering the question 'what is best for my baby?'  For others, the classes are simply a time to enjoy being part of a local community and meeting other new parents.

As for the children?  They're having such a good time at Monkey Music that they barely seem to notice how clever they are or how quickly they are growing up!

Angie is married to a TV producer and lives with her five children in Hertfordshire.

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