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At Monkey Music, we know that music is fundamental to a pre-school aged child's development. Our progressive and educational four stage curricula are designed to nurture a lifetime of music: from rock 'n' roll to ding-dong, classes are a 'good fit' for each separate age group. By the time our little monkeys 'graduate', they have a sound base from which to build a musical future.... have a look!

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Posted 14/04/2014

Hooray for Big Mo and Little Mo

Hooray for Big Mo and Little Mo As part of our 21st birthday fundraising celebrations Team Monkey UK ran a superb London Marathon for Nordoff Robbins.  They were cheered on by Monkey Music families at mile 21 where big Mo was seen close up by Little Mo!If you would like to thank Team Monkey UK - namely Monkey Music mum, Kamela and Monkey Music auntie, Harriet for running the race you can donate to our national charity partner Nordoff Robbins, a specialist music charity dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable chi...
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