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About Monkey Music

Since our first classes opened in 1993, the power of Monkey Music has brought a smile to the faces of hundreds of thousands of babies, toddlers and young children (and grown- ups too!) across the UK.

More recently, we have been touched by the words of many of our families who have openly shared how much our classes mean to them and how belonging to our groups with their children, has brought them so much joy and supported them through difficult times. Our classes offer a safe, supportive and nurturing environment, with parents, carers and children encouraged to enjoy each other’s company through age appropriate and interactive musical activities.


Since we began nearly 30 years ago, there have been over 2.5 million hours of Monkey Music classes and the benefits of our classes are very far reaching.


“The psychological benefits of such classes/groups to both parents and children are significant. They act as a form of crucial peer support with the added benefit of the music focus which is important for mental wellbeing. As we know, the mental health of the parents impacts the mental health and development of the child” Monkey Music Parent and Parent - Infant Psychotherapist


Monkey Music classes for babies and toddlers are hosted by our wonderful team of Monkey Music teachers who are all fully trained to deliver our unique, educational and progressive curricula. 


If you would like to experience a Monkey Music class you can book online here - your first class is FREE!

Children begin their Monkey Music journey from 3 months. When they graduate at 4 years old, our little ones will have learnt a repertoire of nearly 500 catchy songs and fun musical activities. 


For many of our families, Monkey Music means much more than learning impressive musical skills. Our young families meet together and share common experiences, whilst enjoying a worthwhile activity with their little one. It’s not uncommon for parents to need reassurance that they are simply being a ‘good enough’ parent and by talking to other parents and our teachers, they often understand that the way their child is developing and behaving is perfectly normal. Other parents join our groups to make friends with people who have children of a similar age and who share common day to day challenges, such as managing toddler tantrums! There are so many reasons why our families come to our classes, but they know that they can belong to our group and gain the support that they are looking for in a confidential and inclusive environment.


As our children listen to their teacher, make new friends and share precious time together, they are honing a whole host of new skills which support all aspects of their future development.


One of the most hotly anticipated Monkey Music milestones, is when a little Monkey makes their debut in the Monkey Music band! 


To watch a video for each child’s age group click here.


"All my family are big Monkey Music fans; we absolutely love being in Monkey's magical world!" - Monkey Music dad


In many areas of the UK, our teachers offer Holiday Workshops during the holidays. These are great fun for the whole family. Check out Holiday Workshops here.


Make an enquiry about a Monkey Music party here.


Buy Monkey Music books, instruments and goodies here.

At Monkey Music we are proud to support our partner charity, Nordoff Robbins, the UK’s largest independent music therapy charity, who use music to enrich the lives of people with life-limiting illnesses, disabilities and feelings of isolation. Click here to learn more about the wonderful work of Nordoff Robbins and to make a donation. Thank you for your support.