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Why Us?

Discover the Magic of Monkey Music


"All my family are big Monkey Music fans; we absolutely love being in Monkey's magical world!" - Monkey Music dad


Since 1993, Monkey Music has been the soundtrack to family life across the UK. But, it’s not only the catchy tunes, captivating sounds, talented teachers and 5-stages of brilliant age-appropriate classes which make every Monkey Music experience so unique - it’s our local families, who come together across the UK to share precious time with their little ones.


Today, over a million babies, toddlers and young children have attended our classes with their parents or carers - we find out why Monkey Music is still as popular today as it was over 30 years ago. 



The Power of Monkey Music


“For the children, but for the grown-ups too” - Monkey Music Teacher and Franchisee


“The psychological benefits of such classes/groups to both parents and children are significant. They act as a form of crucial peer support with the added benefit of the music focus which is important for mental wellbeing. As we know, the mental health of the parents impacts the mental health and development of the child” - Monkey Music Parent and Parent, Infant Psychotherapist



The Serious Side of Monkey Music


At the heart of Monkey Music is a 5-stage age-specific, progressive curricula (for newborn babies, infants, toddlers and pre-school children). It is a popular collection of over 500 original songs and age-appropriate lesson plans – all learnt and shared in class by our talented and highly trained Monkey Music teachers. Chosen for their infectious musical energy, our teachers have to pass our rigorous Monkey Music teacher training programme before joining their local teams. 


Recognising that each child is unique, our teachers will often tailor their approach to accommodate different learning styles and the age range of children in each class. This personalised touch ensures that every family and child can fully participate in the learning process and benefit from all the activities that Monkey Music offers. Understanding the influential role that parents and carers play in a child's development, our teachers foster a collaborative atmosphere where parents and carers actively participate. This engagement not only strengthens the parent/carer-child bond but also creates a supportive community within each class.


The Impact of a Monkey Music Community


And it’s this sense of community that makes Monkey Music a shared experience that builds connections and which fosters well-being. Parents and carers find reassurance, support, and friendship in our welcoming, child focused environment. And the children love every minute of learning through making Monkey Music!


Join us to navigate the challenges and rewards of parenthood with new friends and by sharing precious time with your little one. 


Nordoff and Robbins - Making a Difference Through Music with our Charity Partner


Monkey Music proudly supports Nordoff and Robbins, the UK’s largest independent music therapy charity. Discover how music enriches the lives of people with life-limiting illnesses, disabilities, and isolation. Click here to learn more about the wonderful work of Nordoff and Robbins.

Monkey Music proudly supporting Nordoff and Robbins Music Therapy