Monkey Chatter

One of the things we get asked most frequently is 'why do we have to sign up for the term?'. We understand that it can feel frustrating early on in a maternity leave to have to make a weekly commitment to come to class, espcially when your baby's schedule is all over the place and you want to be free to make the days up as you go along. We are very committed to the termly structure for several reasons that we feel passionately about

- our teachers can get to know you and your child - this means we can make recommendations specific to your baby or toddler

- the group can get to know each other and friednships can be formed between the parents and the babies

- the more the children come, teh more familiar they become with Monkey Music songs and activties

- the more familiar they children are with songs and activities, the more readily they engage with them

- we are able to manage availability and make sure we don't over book classes

and most importantly we are able to make progress from week to week!

We are super-keen for everyone to get value for money so if you can't make your usual class one week, we always do our best to find you catch-up classes. If you are away, if you're too sleepy, if your baby falls asleep or is sick we will always be able to offer you a couple of alternatives.