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Stage four for 3 + 4 year olds

Ding-Dong children are now ready to learn to read music - this is a huge milestone and paves the way for a bright musical future!

Time to Sing

Singing comes naturally to Monkey and his oldest friends. Everyone is invited to take the lead in singing games and to sing a solo ‘spot’ (not compulsory!). Familiar songs form the basis for vocal improvisation and encourage children to share story ideas.

Time to Move

Playing together and inventing dances is what our Ding-Dongers like to do best! Dance of the ‘Autumn Leaves’ is always a moving highlight of our Ding-Dong year!

Time to Play

Learning to read music is an integral element to each class. These clever monkeys use their new reading skills to compose and write their own music which they play with their friends.

Time to Listen

Each week the children focus on finding out more about an instrument from the orchestra. As they begin to recognise the different orchestral sounds, the children begin to express their preferences. This is excellent preparation for choosing which instrument to learn to play later on!

“This is the highlight of my girls’ week. Both have been attending since they were 12 weeks old and still love it!”

Millie and Sasha's dad

"These classes keep my daughters stimulated from start to end through exploration of music, movement and instruments"

Gracie's mum