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“Being part of an excellent franchise network means you don't have to reinvent the wheel with each new challenge”


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Monkey Music Franchise

Monkey Music is widely recognised as a leading light and premium pre-school music educator for young families in the UK and our family friendly career opportunity is delivered by an award winning franchise network.

If you are searching for a rewarding career which offers you both flexible working and an opportunity to grow your own business then the Monkey Music franchise, which has been running for nearly 30 years, is perfect for you.

Our franchise business owners come from all walks of life but have four things in common; the desire to run their own business, the ability to work flexible hours both when and where they choose to work, a strong personal work ethos and the excitement and passion of the value of support in early music education.  Not only that, but they are award winners too, with one of our hugely successful franchisees being named the bfa HSBC Lifestyle Franchisee 2020.  

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“The initial training takes you through all the areas of the business from teaching through to all business management – nothing is left unturned!”


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Why Join Us?

Starting up a business is exciting but it can also be a little scary! However, by operating as a 'franchise business' with the support of an experienced 'franchisor', you will find that some of the more daunting aspects of being a business owner are made much easier.


"The team at Head Office is made up of a range of experienced professionals, all of whom have a different approach to business but complement each other.  They are welcoming and friendly but provide a positive network of support."  


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Leading the way

Monkey Music is considered a 'leading light' in pre-school music education.  Franchise owners, and their specially trained teachers, are proud of their reputation as providing an outstanding supportive and learning experience for babies, young children and their parents and carers. 


"Attending a Monkey Music class has been the highlight of my week, I cannot imagine a week without it"


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“They have seen and heard it all so we feel there is no question we cannot ask”


Monkey Chatter

Post date: 22/06/2022

Teaching children about multiculturalism and diversity is imperative from a young age. In fact, evidence suggests that a...

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Post date: 25/05/2022

Did you know that when your little one graduates from our classes, they get their own Monkey Music certificate from their...

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bfaHSBC Franchisee Finalist 2021

bfaHSBC Franchisee Winner 2020

39th in EF100 (Elite Franchise) 2022




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