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Stage three for 2 + 3 year olds

Older toddlers have fun with their friends and develop a strong musical foundation for their future learning.

Time to Sing

Songs for dressing up and telling simple stories! ‘Pretending’ is an important new area of learning as exploration and self expression builds self confidence. Through positive music interaction with each other, our toddlers are also learning important lessons about boundaries and how to handle frustration!

Time to Move

Toddlers are keen to get to know each other – bigger more exciting props such as hoops and parachute are excellent for sharing and making friends! Holding hands with partners in Monkey’s circle dances often makes the grown-ups feel very happy too!

Time to Play

Composing music is something that comes naturally to our Jiggety-Jiggers! Their strong musical foundation gives them super musical confidence. Props, images, music, stories and poems inspire our little monkeys as they create and perform their own special music.

Time to Sleep

Most of our classes end with a little time for quiet reflection. Our Jiggety-Jiggers are gently reminded to practise new songs at home using some song words which may be printed from the Monkey Music Club. They may also be invited to bring something from home, to show in class the following week, as part of class topic discussions. 

“I was delighted and impressed... and cannot recommend such activity highly enough. The sessions have a valuable part to play in terms of children’s development”

Duncan Case, Child Psychologist

"These classes keep my daughters stimulated from start to end through exploration of music, movement and instruments"

Gracie's mum