Monkey Chatter

When I had my first baby, Lyla, I was quite bamboozled by how demanding she was. Everyone ahd said to me 'they just sleep all the time' but Lyla didn't and when she was awake I felt stressed trying to entertain her and clear up the incredible amount of mess we had created, wipes, rags, layers of clothes, creams, cotton buds - total chaos. So at around 6 weeks with both of us grizzly and overtired, we had a consultation with a magical maternity nurse who put us into a very strict routine & we both instatnly a lot happier. When Lyla was awake she defintiely wanted some outside stimualtion but time was very tight. it was impossible to gfind a class tiem taht suited her and get back in time.

A few years later, when we took over Monkey Music in Hampstead and Primrose Hill, one of the first things we did was introduce ltos fo different times for the baby classes, inclusing in the afternoons as we now know that lots of babies wake up at the crack of dawn and then sleep thought all the playgroups and classes that take place in the mornings. The other thingwe know at Monkey Music, is that babies are unpredicatble and they also have a lot of appointments. So most people like to try and come to the same class every week, but we are always able to ffer an alternative if you miss it or we are happy for you to switch class if your routine suddenly changes (it will). Unless of course you are on your 2nd or 3rd child, in which case you bend their routimes to suit you ;)