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If you are a new parent, you might well be thinking about enrolling you and your baby into a local baby class. 

Baby classes are great way of having some quality bonding time with your new baby, as well as giving you an opportunity to meet other new parents and let’s face it, this is a time when adult company is needed more than ever!

Monkey Music classes were the first of their kind when they started thirty years ago and since then, baby classes have grown in popularity with the choices of class on offer greater than ever.  Parents can now choose to go to baby massage, baby signing, baby yoga, baby gym, the list seems endless so no wonder new parents find it hard to know which class is best for your baby (and you). 

Baby classes are known to offer many benefits to aid your baby’s progression and at Monkey Music, we believe our music classes for babies and toddlers offer the very best in pre school music education.  We’ve honed our classes over 30 years and they’ve become the highlight of the week for thousands of families across the UK.

There are many benefits of enrolling into Monkey Music beyond the musical skills your little one will learn. Our music classes provide a stimulating musical environment using music as a basis to support and encourage the four main areas of a child’s development; Creative development, social development, physical development and language development.

Want to find out more?  Come along to a FREE class and see for yourself what makes Monkey Music the preferred choice for thousands of parents across the UK. 

Posted: 29/01/2024