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In Conversation with Sarah Wilkinson, Monkey Music Beckenham and Orpington

What drives someone to become a Monkey Music franchisee? We caught up with one of our newest business owners, Sarah Wilkinson to find out about her motivations, experiences, and aspirations as she embarks on her journey with Monkey Music in the Beckenham and Orpington area.

Tell us what motivated you to become a Monkey Music Franchisee?

For me, it was about finding a career that truly resonated with my passions and values. I had known for quite some time that a life-long career in law was not for me.  Life is too short to spend it doing something that is just OK.  We only live once and so to have the chance to spend my career doing something which I love and which will enhance the lives of babies, toddlers and carers in the local community is more than enough motivation to know that being a Monkey Music business owner is the perfect career choice for me.

What did you do before joining Monkey Music?

After completing a music degree at the University of Southampton, I went onto become a lawyer which gave me the commercial acumen to think I could be a successful business owner. I have been musical for as long as I can remember. Throughout my school life I played various instruments, sang in choirs and went on to become a choral scholar at university.  I was also very theatrical, often playing lead roles in school productions. 

I jumped at the opportunity to become a Monkey Music franchisee which fits flexibly around my life as a parent, but also draws together all of my loves and previous experiences into one very neat, perfect bundle.

What kind of support and guidance have you received from the Monkey Music Head Office Team to help launch your franchise?

The support and resources from the Monkey Music Head Office team has been exceptional from the outset. With Monkey Music on side, all of the resources that I could possibly think of appear to be at my fingertips and, if they are not, then the Head Office Support Team are on hand to make things possible. The support does not stop at the business training though. I am confident in the knowledge that Monkey Music will be supporting me through my open day, launch of regular classes and beyond.

What has been your most memorable moment to becoming a Monkey Music franchisee so far?

The most memorable moment/achievement in my Monkey Music franchisee journey so far is when we all passed our Monkey Music Teacher Training and were given our very own Monkey in celebration!  Our Teacher Training cohort had all met for the first time the morning before and we spent two intensive days together.  We became very close by the end of the two days and to achieve that milestone together was a very special moment.  Monkey sat in the front seat of the car next to me all the way home!

What do you find most rewarding about being part of the Monkey Music family?

The answer is in the question – Monkey Music franchisees are part of a family.  There is a genuine collaboration that is apparent between all franchisees.  I doubt any of the franchisees feel that they are alone as business owners, and expect even those who may not have such close franchisee neighbours must still feel supported. I formed a special connection with the twin sisters who own Monkey Music Edinburgh, and the rest of my training cohort, and I will certainly remain very close with them.

What are you looking forward to most in bringing Monkey Music to your local community?

Baby and toddler classes have been a big part of my life in recent years.  They kept me sane through the (often) difficult periods that are inevitable in any parent or carers life with young children.  I am so excited to have the privilege of being the person that everyone looks forward to seeing every week, that has a calming and happy effect on childrens weeks and those of their carers, and that enhances those childrens love of music from an early stage.  With any luck, I will be contributing to the next musical prodigy coming from within my local community.  

If youd like to find out more and enrol in Sarah’s weekly classes, simply click here

Posted: 14/02/2024