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How music can help teach babies and toddlers to count

At Monkey Music, we understand the importance of early childhood education, and counting is one of the fundamental skills we introduce to our babies and toddlers.

While teaching little ones to count might seem like a daunting task, using music and songs can make it an enjoyable and effective experience. Here are some of the methods we use:

Engagement: Counting songs captivates children's attention, making them eager to participate and learn. Our classes are designed to be interactive and fun, creating the perfect environment for counting through music.

Rhythm and Repetition: The rhythmic patterns and repetition in counting songs help children grasp the sequence of numbers. By singing along and moving to the beat, children absorb counting naturally.

Auditory and Visual Learning: Monkey Music incorporates both auditory and visual learning. Children hear the numbers as they are sung, and by using visual aids, such as props and playful actions, we provide a tangible connection to counting.

Memory Building: Counting songs often have catchy melodies and memorable lyrics. These songs stick in children's memories, becoming a mental tool they can use when they need to count objects.

At Monkey Music classes, counting is seamlessly integrated into the musical journey we offer.

Our Monkey Music teachers understand that children thrive in a fun and interactive atmosphere and with the help of songs, props, and finger movements, we make counting an enjoyable part of their early learning experience.

An example of this is "Five Little Ducks," a delightful counting song that tells a story. As the children sing along and see the ducks, they're not just counting numbers; they're creating a vivid mental picture of the concept.

At Monkey Music, we believe that learning through music and songs is a joyful and effective way to introduce counting to babies and children. It's a wonderful foundation for their mathematical development and sets the stage for a lifelong love of learning.

Posted: 10/11/2023