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Monkey Music Book Review

Music is a fundamental part of pre-school childrens development, helping them to enjoy socialising, learning and playing.  The Monkey music book series, based on our award-winning Monkey Music classes and featuring the much-loved illustrations of Emily Bolam, encourages children to begin their own lifetime love of music and boosts their educational and emotional growth.  Written by Monkey Music founder, Angie Coates, with music and songs taken from our classes composed by Fiona Pritchard, all especially arranged and recorded for this book. 

The CDs that accompany the books include songs that can be enjoyed on their own, on the go or alongside the book which also offers tips for getting the most out of each song.  

Nicola King, Speech and Language Therapist has been listening to Monkey Music`s Magic Sounds and Let's Sing and Play CD and book sets for young children to enjoy “ fun interactive musical experiences”!

"These have been cleverly created for babies and toddlers to share with a parent, caregiver, and or childhood practitioner, at home or in a group setting.  Speech and Language Therapists always advocate regular “quieter times” in a day to develop parent-child interaction.  With no other distractions and a playful adult, a youngster will love these music times.

The lively tunes provide an excellent focus for together time, and encourage active listening, looking and copying -sounds and words and actions– true shared attention! These activities are the foundation skills for speech and language development.  Babies and Toddlers respond to a stimulating range of rhythms and rhyme, melodies and pictures, all are perfectly composed and very catchy. Monkey Music`s CDs and books make it easy to spend this together time, so a parent can connect with their child and see how their interest in singing and speech and language develops.

The Monkey and Mo characters prompt recognition, the melodies are original and inviting for parents to join in, and there is plenty of opportunity for repetition. Songs and poems offer a variety of pace and style.  Everyday vocabulary as well as new and seasonal topics are included, great for older children too.

Monkey Music includes lullabies so the calming relaxing benefits of music for everybody`s rest time is there after a busy day.  It is a lovely resource ideally suited to typically developing children."