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Singing makes us big and strong!

At Monkey Music we admit to being rather keen on the subject of how young children benefit from ‘early exposure to music’ - over the last 25 years we have seen how hundreds of thousands of children have flourished with music at the centre of their lives. We have also shared touching stories of how music has helped families through particularly challenging times, such as moving home and hospital visits.

A new study has found how music - especially lullabies – delivers health advantages to premature babies who are being treated in intensive care units. A group of researchers has found that music improves the sleeping and feeding patterns of these babies and that lullabies, sung by parents, encourage bonding whilst also making parents feel less stressed in the hospital environment.

This fascinating study demonstrates how babies take such great comfort from the sound of their parents’ voice. It really doesn’t matter how good, or not so good, we think we sound when we sing – the very fact that we sing to our babies will be perceived as the most magical sound in the world.

Research led by a group of researchers from Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City and published in the journal of Paediatrics