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What musical instrument should a child start with?

Throughout their time with us at Monkey Music, babies and toddlers are exposed to a broad range of music and musical instruments and although Monkey Music lessons are different from learning an instrument, they are an excellent foundation for when children begin to learn a specific instrument. 

Learning to read music is an integral element of each Ding-Dong class at Monkey Music. These clever 3 and 4-year-olds use their new reading skills to compose and write their own music which they play with their friends and each week the children focus on finding out more about an instrument from the orchestra. As they begin to recognise the different orchestral sounds, the children begin to express their preferences. This is excellent preparation for choosing which instrument to learn to play later on!

Be sure to include your child in the decision of which instrument they learn. This might sound obvious but your child will enjoy it much more if they are enthusiastic about the instrument they are learning to play!

You should also consider your child’s personality as children have different experiences learning and playing different instruments. If your child is more outgoing, they may be more suited to learning to play a wind or string instrument as these are commonly learnt and played in musical groups whereas the piano may be better suited to a more reserved child as it is more commonly learned and performed solo.

Whichever instrument they choose, it is important that children feel like they are making progress so they don’t get bored and give up. This makes the piano a very popular instrument for children, as it only requires a few keys to bring together a familiar song, keeping the child interacting and it doesn’t have to be held, so smaller or younger children can play it more easily.

We recommend speaking to a local music shop that will have instruments for your child to try out before making their final choice.

Posted: 23/08/2023