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World Nursery Rhyme Week!

It is World Nursery Rhyme Week, 15th-19th November, and here at Monkey Music we know the power that poems and songs can have on a child’s development. To celebrate this, we want to share our very own nursery rhyme – Bayushka Bayu. This Russian styled song, which is exclusive to Monkey Music, demonstrates how nursery rhymes have a universal impact in early development for children.

♫ Go to sleep my darling baby Bayushka Bayu. See the moon is shining on you Bayushka Bayu. 

At Monkey Music we all love the fun of singing and sharing nursery rhymes, however this should not be the only reason that we share the gift of music with our little ones. Did you know that singing to children is a proven way of developing both speaking and social skills? Music is its own language and even from an early age it can have a powerful impact on your little one’s development.

From the first few months of a baby’s life, it has been shown that the use of sound, touch and sight are pivotal in aiding your little one’s growth. Studies have shown that by stimulating the individual senses, you can aid your baby’s progression and learning capability and as a result, better help them navigate the complexities of the outside world.

The power of music to awaken emotions, recognition and learning is not a new or unique idea. From the very beginning, babies react to sounds having spent 9 months acclimatising themselves to the sounds of their mother’s heartbeat in the womb. After birth, the unique rhythm of the parental heartbeat continues to play a vital role in guiding the response mechanism of the baby and often it is the proximity to the heartbeat that creates the connection and the association of a safe and nurturing environment.

Music is an essential and important part of a child’s life. The earlier children are exposed to music the more impactful it will be for their personal, social, and musical growth – taking part in a music group or another music-related activity is a proven way to achieve this. Not only will it help develop speaking skills and build confidence, but it will also improve cognitive function and memory retention. Here at Monkey Music, we are passionate about the ability of music to nurture children’s development and wellbeing in a fun and educational way.


This knowledge is a HUGE reason why we at Monkey Music believe in sharing precious time together. We have been aware of the benefits music can have since founder Angie Coates launched Monkey Music in the early 90’s. In our group class environment, which is designed for babies and children from 3 months of age, we have crafted a curriculum that supports children’s development through music. Monkey Music classes are all carefully and uniquely structured with the powerful connection that music and sound have on a baby’s development in focus throughout.

So, when you’re thinking about singing a nursery rhyme tonight to your little one – remember that not only will it put a smile on their face, but it will make a BIG difference to their development. So warm up those vocal cords and get ready to make a difference to your child’s development today.

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