Monkey Chatter

Posted 29/03/18
Wishing all our little monkey families a very happy Easter.  We look forward to welcoming you back to class very soon!
Posted 29/03/18
Head over to the Little Monkey Club to play our 'Where is Monkey hiding' game - see if you can spot him in each of the photos!
Posted 22/03/18
At Monkey Music, we understand the importance of music and we're passionate about introducing music to babies, children and their families.  If you've not...
Posted 21/03/18
Thank you to our wonderful team of Monkey Music franchisees who travelled from far and wide to join us at the annual Monkey Music conference on Saturday and congratulations...
Posted 19/03/18
Click here to read why Monkey Music classes are's favourite pre-school music class! #MonkeyMusic
Posted 09/03/18
Rudi is the newest member of the team at Monkey Music Head Office. Read on to see why getting an office dog is such a good idea! #...